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Stop in and try our Papaya Salad for a

refreshing, sweet & sour and spicy flavorful in one bite today.   Contain peanut and sea food products. 

Maiv's Egg Roll Basket, LLC is intended to be formed as a "no server" casual dine-in and take-out located in Maplewood, Minnesota. Aspects of this restaurant include providing not only ordinary egg rolls, but a variety of egg rolls and spring rolls such as: Avocado, Cream Cheese, Tuna, Chicken, Tofu and much more. Customers will also have other choices such as Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich), different salads, and unique sandwiches. Maiv's Egg Roll Basket is a restaurant with a start-up concept to meet today customers’ new needs. This business is implied to take advantage of today’s economical with the introduction of modern, new, and healthy egg rolls and spring rolls, along with other popular Asian and American food items.

                   ...and when you think we only serve eggrolls.

Check out our Party Tray. Will be perfect for your any gathering/celebration!

Maiv's Egg Roll Basket's Party Tray is perfect for any gathering; Baby Shower, Birthday, Holidays, Retirement, Going Away Party or just simply for that special occasion! We can Wow your guest(s) for you. So go ahead and relax!